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Unique. Charming. Quality. These are the only some characteristics of the European toys that we import. Made of only the best materials, all approved by the safety standards for both Europe and the United States, and just plain sweet, our toys are sure to become that special child in your life's best friend.

Featured Toys

[The Unique] Moulin Roty
Les Bazar Collection

Moulin Roty's Les Bazar collection shows that our differences truly bring us together. These wacky animals are the best of friends, always pursuing some sort of adventure! This group welcomes everyone and anyone to join them. The team is made up of Zack the yack, Petunia the petulant ostrich, Bo the lumbersome elephant, Roudoudou the big softy lion, and the nicest Kiwi bird. Can you guess the two new friends joining the Bazar this fall?

[The Classic] Vilac
Red Ride-On Car

Cruisin' downtown, heading to the malt shop with your loved one. Well, maybe not late night cruising, but more mid-day? The Vilac Red Ride-On Car is an instant classic. Perfect for summer time fun outside, or even a short drive to the living room, these cars cater to the child's sense of adventure. Safe adventure, of course.

[The Fierce] Trudi
Lion King Hand Puppet

Pride. Honor. Quality materials. What do these have in common? Why, they are all a part of the Trudi Lion King Hand Puppet, of course! Perfectly sized for small hands and made of the softest materials, these puppets will have children engaged in countless hours of (mostly pretend) kingship. Or queenship - the lion puppet is ideal for all children.

[The Original] Sevi
Alphabet Letters

Crafted carefully from sourced wood, the original Sevi Alphabet Letters come in both animal and clown themes. With endless possibilities for mixing and matching, beautifully bright colors, and easy to associate animals and characters, these letters are a must have for any child's room!

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The New Magicforest.com

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  • July 27th, 2016
It is finally here! Of course, we are talking about our most recent and best website redesign to date. Just a quick thank you to everyone for your patience regarding updates, it is fully appreciated!

This is the new and improved blog section, where you will be able to find posts from Magicforest as well as various bloggers throughout the internet! Any news and announcements will be explained further here as well...

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About Magicforest

Hello and welcome to the Magicforest, a friendly place where children play and learn, and parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles alike can feel secure that the products found here meet the highest quality and safety standards.

For more than 12 years, our goals are still the same: seek out extraordinary designers and manufacturers of inspirational toys. Magicforest is the exclusive distributor of a variety of European brands that meet these criteria. Outstanding goods and excellent customer service are the hallmarks of what Magicforest stands for. It is how we build long term relationships and continue to thrive. We don't take your business for granted and we believe in working hard to keep it. We are indeed fortunate to have so many good friends and supporters. We are grateful for your business and look forward to growing with you.