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Pit Balls, Tops, Trains, and Singing Turtles: Many new gender-neutral toys for toddlers released for 2016 holidays

  • January 5th, 2017

Toddlers learn rapidly and their experience of the world can be greatly shaped and influenced by such things as media and toys. The toy industry has long-sought to find ways to amuse and engage young children via playthings and, for 2016, many toy companies have released brand new items that appeal to toddlers of both genders.

Tops are a classic plaything which are ideal toys for toddlers. Among the most interesting new releases in the top market are the ones created by French company Moulin Roty, and its newset collection called "Les Jouets", which feature illustrations such as astronauts, spacemen, and more. "Moulin Roty is the designer of the Memoire d'enfant Collection which loosely translates to Childhood Memory," said Kim Kennedy, Director of Operations at US distributor Magicforest®. "The toys in this range are meant to bring out the child in all of us because they are fun, eye catching, and colorful for both children and parents." The newest editions to the collection are the Musical Globes which put a fanciful twist on original tops. The tops in this line feature round characters who dance in circles when the handle is cranked and music plays.

To learn more about these items visit the Bonjour Petit Speci. Special thank you to Entertainment Vine for this feature!

// The Magicforest Team